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We hope you enjoyed your brief introduction to The Infinite Banking Concept and how it to can help you create passive income on your way to financial freedom!!

Anyone can access our content on how to create passive income and build wealth without the risks of Wall Street for $499...

As I promised during today’s webinar and as a thank you for attending I am providing free access to our course.

We want you to learn how and why successful entrepreneurs do things differently. 

The team at Infinite Wealth Consultants has radically changed our understanding of wealth and what it means to live a life of prosperity. Cameron explained our financial options to us and didn't pressure or force us into any decision, while helping us create a plan for our future. Their physical location is beautiful, and we knew we were receiving exceptional service from our first phone call interaction, through in-office discussions, into signings and everything in between. Since starting to work with Infinite Wealth Consultants, we are excited to share our experience with our family and get them on a road to living by design and not by default.


Prior to meeting Cameron, I think the biggest difficulty was just getting mislead by all different kinds of advisers really looking out for their own best interests. I chose to work with Cameron because he is a really standup guy. He never really sold me on anything. He just educated me. He was an all-around great guy & when it was time to move forward, he was ready to help me out.

Gary Crawford
Real Estate Investor

When you’ve been educated to think in a very institutional manner about investments and your financial wellbeing you’re used to kind of following the herd and being able to kind of get outside of that was the biggest hurdle because it was something that I had never heard of before. I would say that the true reason for gaining my trust if you will is the fact that they spent a lot of time educating me long before they truly asked me for the business nor did they necessarily as for the business it was more of a partnership. It was an education and frankly I asked to work with them once I understood what it was, they were trying to help me achieve.

Rick Golden