Infinite Wealth Team

What makes us Different:


Our primary focus is helping you implement the Infinite Banking Concept with the intention of creating passive income greater than your monthly expenses, PI > ME.


Our team, led by Anthony J. Faso, a self-proclaimed 'Recovering CPA,' is dedicated to providing top-notch advice tailored to your specific needs. With a keen focus on optimizing financial strategies, we ensure not only that you pay the lowest amount of taxes today but also strategically plan to minimize tax burdens every year moving forward.


We provide comprehensive education on the good and the bad aspects of Infinite Banking, empowering you with the knowledge to make informed decisions.

What our clients have to say about us:

The team at Infinite Wealth Consultants has radically changed our understanding of wealth and what it means to live a life of prosperity. Cameron explained our financial options to us and didn't pressure or force us into any decision, while helping us create a plan for our future. Their physical location is beautiful, and we knew we were receiving exceptional service from our first phone call interaction, through in-office discussions, into signings and everything in between. Since starting to work with Infinite Wealth Consultants, we are excited to share our experience with our family and get them on a road to living by design and not by default. 

Dr. John & 
Dr. Alli Morelli

Infinite Wealth are totally upfront and honest.  Great Educators. Your Infinite Wealth podcasts are invaluable, and you can spend hours just listening to those. Rest of the world isn't talking about this. They're talking about 401ks, indexed funds and the stock market, but nobody is talking about IBC. Infinite Banking blew us away. It took me a few months to wrap my mind around it. But at the end of the end of the day, I'm glad we did it.

Sterret Smith


Prior to meeting Cameron, I think the biggest difficulty was just getting mislead by all different kinds of advisers really looking out for their own best interests. I chose to work with Cameron because he is a really standup guy. He never really sold me on anything. He just educated me. He was an all-around great guy & when it was time to move forward, he was ready to help me out.

Gary Crawford
Real Estate Investor

I’ve been working with Cameron now for a few years. I had met a couple of other people, I’m kind of a vibes type guy & so when I met Cameron, we vibed. I liked the way that he teaches people things. He doesn’t just give you a product and expect you to learn it all yourself.  He teaches you exactly how to do it and so I actually have been able to refer a bunch of my friends that wanted to do Infinite Banking & have developed a really good relationship over the years.

Sam Curby

I feel that I can really trust Anthony, I feel really confident that I know he’s going to do his best for me. I know he’s going to keep it safe and not go crazy or make me feel like I’m getting in over my head. These investments that he’s teaching me are going to be safe, secure and simple and that’s what I can tell other people that they can feel confident doing as well.

Joani Zingale

When you’ve been educated to think in a very institutional manner about investments and your financial wellbeing you’re used to kind of following the herd and being able to kind of get outside of that was the biggest hurdle because it was something that I had never heard of before. I would say that the true reason for gaining my trust if you will is the fact that they spent a lot of time educating me long before they truly asked me for the business nor did they necessarily as for the business it was more of a partnership. It was an education and frankly I asked to work with them once I understood what it was, they were trying to help me achieve.

Rick Golden

My biggest challenge before coming to Infinite Wealth Consultants was that I was really uncertain about my retirement plan & my financial future. I’m a schoolteacher and although we do have a great pension, but I didn’t know if it was going to be enough.  After working with Anthony, I have learned many strategies to prepare for the financial future and I’m feeling super excited about being debt free and being my own banker.  Anthony just makes everyone feel really comfortable. No question is a dumb question which I think is really important and you really feel like you can trust these two guys. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

Jeanne Clayton


We were always asking questions. For me in my profession, it's evidence based, or you have to make sure that it’s proven. We looked into it, we did our homework & it worked for us. It's easy when you have money and you want to invest in something. This actually puts things into your hands and you have control over it... which I think was a huge thing for us and we really learned from that. We managed what was going in and what was going out & Anthony was our coach to help us through that process.

Dr. Mike & 
Esther Jeong

Before I started working with Anthony. I knew I needed to save some money, but I just didn't know how. I didn't even know how to start. Anthony took the time with me one more than one occasion and showed me how I needed to actually set this money aside and get it safe and secure and let it accrue which gave me a very safe feeling knowing that that it was actually growing into a place where I didn't have to worry about it, and it was going to be tax free. So, thank you Anthony.

James Gravitt

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