Buy, Rehab, Rent, Re-fi, Repeat

Our interview with BRRR Expert, Alex Felice.

In this episode, we interview Alexander Scott Felice. Alex has built a portfolio of Single Family Residences using the BRRRR Strategy and has recently acquired his first Multi-Family Property. He is an avid reader as well as a respected contributor to Bigger Pockets. He shares his insights on his website



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Alex covers the following list of topics:

  • How he got started in Residential Real Estate?
  • What is the BRRRR Strategy?
  • What is Delayed Financing?
  • Where he is buying his properties?
  • How’s he’s built his team from 2,300 miles away?
  • He discusses how much time he actually spends managing his properties
  • How to build your network
  • How “passive” is his portfolio?
  • Best Advice: “Read everyday and start your own website” – ASF
  • Quotes of the interview: “You don’t deserve anyone great when you get started” – ASF
  • “Plan to get better….both you AND your team” – ASF