Creating Passive Income with Turnkey Real Estate

Today we interview Liz Nowlin from Mid-South Home Buyers as we discuss Turn Key Real Estate. She explains what Turn Key Rental Properties are and why they are a great option for investors looking to create passive income. She highlights the process Mid-South goes through from finding a house, fixing it up, finding a tenant and ultimately managing it for their clients.

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Additional topics include:

-Liz Nowlin with Mid South Homebuyers explains what turnkey real estate investments are?
-Liz discusses how to shop for turnkey investment properties, regardless of the market your investing in
-What to look for in a reputable turnkey provider? She provides 19 due diligence questions that every investor should be familiar with when looking for a reputable turnkey provider.
-Liz provides insight on what new investors are typically focused on vs what experienced investors focus on and how they analyze properties.
-What types of markets are turnkey properties found?
-She discusses the systems they have in place to work with clients all across the U.S. as well as 17 different countries

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