Dirt Rich: Creating Passive Income by Flipping Land

On today’s episode, we interview Mark Podolsky aka “The Land Geek.” Mark has completed in excess of 5,400 land transactions over the last 20 years. He shares with us how he got started, how he’s been able to scale his business while working just a few hours a week and he tells us WHY he teaches other investors how to do the same.  In addition, you will learn how he was able to create enough passive income to leave his investment banking career in just 18 months.


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Topics discussed include:

  • Solo-Economic Dependency: What is this and why is Mark is on a mission to rid the world of it
  • Mark explains the 5 step process of Flipping Land
  • How the last financial crisis affected his business and what he would do differently
  • Mark tells us that to be successful in this type of business you need to have skills: (1) You must enjoy getting a good deal and (2) Embrace the suck
  • How much capital is needed to get started Land Flipping?
  • He tells us how he’s been able to automate 90% of this business and only work a few hours a week

Next Steps:

  1. Investors Launch Kit $99 value for free  http://bit.ly/LGinvestorstoolkit
  2. Investors Took Kit- http://bit.ly/LGinvestorstoolkit
  3. Flight School


This business model is simple but not easy – Mark P.




Dirt Rich by Mark Podolsky


Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

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