Our podcast focuses of the 5 Pillars of Wealth
1. Invest in Yourself
2. Your own Business
3. Real Estate
4. Lending
5. The Infinite Banking Concept

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How to Expand Your Banking System Infinite Wealth Podcast

How (and When) to Expand Your Banking System

In this episode, Anthony and Cameron expand on Nelson Nash’s Becoming Your Own Banker book. Listen in as we outline our three rules for how and when to expand your banking system; also, we provide a practical example of what it looks like.  Podcast:  Schedule your 15-minute call with Anthony or Cameron. On

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Changing your mindset from W-2 Employee and an Entrepreneur

Changing your mindset from W-2 Employee to an Entrepreneur

In this episode, we welcome Darrel Evans, Co-Founder of Yokel Local and Host of the MindShift Podcast. We discuss ways people can shift their mindset from an employee to that of an entrepreneur. What is an Entrepreneur’s Mindset….its a way of thinking that enables one to overcome challenges, be decisive and accept responsibility for one’s

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Dirt Rich: Creating Passive Income by Flipping Land

On today’s episode, we interview Mark Podolsky aka “The Land Geek.” Mark has completed in excess of 5,400 land transactions over the last 20 years. He shares with us how he got started, how he’s been able to scale his business while working just a few hours a week and he tells us WHY he

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Confessions of a CPA

Our interview with Author and CPA Bryan Bloom Just like in our cars, there are some things we don’t see that others do. But if we just turn our head 20 degrees, we will see things we have never seen before. In this call, Brian will help you to turn your head to new concepts

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Power of 0 - Tax Train

The Tax Train is Coming!

Our interview with author David McKnight  Podcast:  Schedule your 15-minute call with Anthony or Cameron. If you’re like most Americans, you’ve saved the majority of your retirement assets in tax-deferred vehicles like 401(k)s and IRAs. But what happens when tax rates go up? How much of your hard-earned money will you really get

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Buy Resell Refi Podcast

Buy, Rehab, Rent, Re-fi, Repeat

Our interview with BRRR Expert, Alex Felice. In this episode, we interview Alexander Scott Felice. Alex has built a portfolio of Single Family Residences using the BRRRR Strategy and has recently acquired his first Multi-Family Property. He is an avid reader as well as a respected contributor to Bigger Pockets. He shares his insights on

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How to Protect Your Assets

Are you worried about getting sued and losing your assets to creditors and predators? Each state has some level of asset protection for the cash value of your life insurance, but what about your investments, your business, and your home?

This episode is from a webinar we did with attorney Robert Bolick to discuss how...

Becoming Your Own Banker-Part 2 The Problem

Buy Becoming Your Own Banker by R. Nelson Nash http://bit.ly/BYOBbookIWC

More Than French Fries-Should you buy a franchise?

On today’s episode we interview Sarah Brown, with Pinnacle Franchise Development. Sarah... Read more

Intro to "Becoming Your Own Banker" by Nelson Nash Part 1

Is IBC a Scam? A CPA's Perspective http://bit.ly/isIBCaScam  (Nelson Nash documentary)

The Hierarchy of Wealth

In this episode we discuss the Hierarchy of Wealth which is a blueprint for how you should build wealth. We will discuss which account is best for storing your opportunity fund and we discuss what banks say you should do with YOUR money versus what they do with THEIR money.

Riders You Need on an IBC Policy and Riders You Don't

Concerns about the Infinite Banking Concept

When Anthony first heard about the Infinite Banking Concept, we went to various typical financial planners that we worked with through his CPA first to see why IBC would not work.

One told him that the commissions were “very high.” In actuality, the way an IBC policy is designed, the commission is one third the amount of a typical life insurance policy. Another told him that he could “earn a higher rate of return” doing something else. In actuality, IBC is not an EITHER/OR. IBC is an AND asset. When you have an opportunity to make more money, with IBC you can use your policy to invest in other investments.

Cameron was concerned about the stability of the life insurance companies and if he was the only person doing this...

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Initial Reactions to the Infinite Banking Concept

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Changes in the Tax Law

You can contact Kim Walker CPA: https://kimwalkercpa.com/ or kimwalkercpa@gmail.com

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What to expect on the Infinite Wealth Podcast

Welcome to the Infinite Wealth Podcast. On this episode we cover:

• How Anthony J. Faso become a "Recovering" CPA

• How Cameron Christenson went from founding his own company to the co-host of this podcast.

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