Infinite Banking Concept | A Client’s Perspective – Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson came across the Infinite Banking Concept while scrolling through social media and saw an ad discussing how to build generational wealth. While researching this idea Nick was fascinated to learn some of the wealthiest families in the US have been leveraging their money in two places at once for generations.

In this week’s podcast, Nick shares how he came to the conclusion to no longer fund his TSP and that the Infinite Banking Concept was the best strategy to help him achieve his financial goals in less time and with more certainty. Additionally, he shares how he has been able to maximize his policies by purchasing cash-flowing assets and is on track to replace his W-2 income in the next 18 months. Watch this episode to find out why many people think IBC is too good to be true, and find out how you can get started!

Also, be sure to join us Friday, August 20th at noon when we continue our 2021 Summer Series. We will have three incredible speakers:

  • “Connecting You to Strong Passive Income Opportunities” by Sarah Sullivan with SuGo Capital
  • “Tax Advantages of Real Estate Investing | A CPA’s Perspective” by Matt Bontrager, CPA with TrueBooks
  • “Rental Profits Without the Pain” by Gary Wilson Now is your opportunity to reignite your mindset and accelerate your path to financial freedom

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