Tuttle Twins: Inspiring Curiosity, Critical Thinking, and Wealth-Building from an Early Age

In this episode of the Infinite Wealth Podcast, our guest, Connor Boyack, challenges the conventional education system and shares his concerns about its negative effects on children. He encourages parents to question the system, rescue their children from its pitfalls, and actively engage in their education. Boyack exposes the ideological influences present in schools and highlights the need for parents to take responsibility for guiding their children’s learning. He introduces his work with Tuttle Twins, a series of books that aim to expose children to important ideas and inspire them to become critical thinkers.

Get ready for a fascinating and empowering conversation about how to break free from the limitations of the school system and nurture wealth in all areas of life.


Connor Boyack:
Website: https://tuttletwins.com/sale/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tuttle_twins/
Podcast: The Way The World Works: A Tuttle Twins Podcast for Families
The Way the World Works: A Tuttle Twins Podcast for Families on Apple Podcasts

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