Preserving Your Wealth: The Importance of Long Term Care Insurance

In this episode of Infinite Wealth, we dive into an unexpected but essential topic: long-term care insurance (LTC). Our guest, Ken Hurley, brings his 37 years of expertise in the industry to shed light on the importance of planning for long-term care and the options available to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Ken shares personal stories and insights from his extensive experience, highlighting how LTC coverage can be a game changer in preserving family assets and ensuring a higher quality of life for individuals in need of long-term care services.

Throughout the episode, Ken explains the two types of long-term care coverage available: traditional and asset-based/hybrid policies. He compares the benefits and drawbacks of each, addressing concerns such as rate increases and qualification requirements. Ken also explores the concept of cash surrender value, guaranteed prices, and the flexibility of payment options.


Ken Hurley

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