Confessions of a CPA

Our interview with Author and CPA Bryan Bloom

Just like in our cars, there are some things we don’t see that others do. But if we just turn our head 20 degrees, we will see things we have never seen before. In this call, Brian will help you to turn your head to new concepts on creating wealth.


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There is a finite amount of knowledge that humans know about the universe. All of this known information falls into three categories:

  • First, there is a certain amount of information that we know and that we are aware that we know. We could say that we are “consciously competent” of this information.
  • Second, there is a large amount of information that we know nothing about. We know that there are certain fields or concepts “out there,” but we really don’t know anything about them. We might say that we are “consciously incompetent” of this information.
  • The third category of knowledge represents information we don’t know, and we’re not even aware that we don’t know it. We are “unconsciously incompetent” in these areas. It doesn’t mean that the information doesn’t exist; it just means that we are currently unaware of its existence. As a result, this information currently sits in our “blind spots.”