Why We (and Batman) DO NOT Recommend IULs for Infinite Banking

In this episode we discuss (a few) reasons why we do NOT recommend IUL’s for use with the Infinite Banking Concept.


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We do our best to give an overview of some of the pitfalls without getting too far into the numbers and for those of you that have more questions and want additional resources you can go to our website (www.InfiniteWealthConsultants.com/IUL. Here you can watch video’s highlighting the math behind IUL’s, the differences in IUL illustrations vs WL illustrations, the costs in an IUL Policy as well articles from The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and a Warning from the State of New York regarding IUL Policies (and much more). In this episode we discuss the following topics:

  • What are the differences between Universal, Variable and Indexed Universal Life?
  • Mixes stock market with insurance
  • How the risk is shifted from the insurance company to the policy owner
  • Can IUL policies go Bankrupt?
  • Cash Value vs Surrender Value…What’s the difference and why is it important?
  • Will an IUL help you achieve your goals?

Additional Resources can be found at  www.InfiniteWealthConsultants.com/IUL

  • Video: The Math Behind IUL’s
  • Video: The Differences in IUL and WL Illustrations
  • Video: The Costs inside of an IUL Policy
  • Link: Warning from State of New York on UL Policies
  • Link: Bloomberg Article by Michael Burry (Christian Bale’s Character in the Big Short)
  • Link: Wall Street Journal Article addressing the pitfalls of IUL’s

And MUCH more!!