Anthony Learns What a Tax Lien Is

Have you ever wondered what a tax lien is? If so, you’re not alone….Anthony has too 🙂

Today we interview the tax lien guru, Cynthia Spirlin, J.D. As a child Cynthia witnessed first hand what kind of impact owning real estate could have on her family’s finances and in addition to sharing her story, she explains tax liens and discusses investment opportunities investors can use to create passive income. We discuss how much you need to get started and what’s your exit strategy once you own one.

Cynthia has created many resources for investors to learn more about tax liens and those can be found below. Enjoy this episode!!

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Additional topics include:

What is the redemption period?
How to perform due diligence on a tax lien?
Are there good or bad tax liens?
How competitive is this market?


Cynthia Spirlin, J.D
Business Mobile Phone:  (702) 335-2099
Business Email Address: [email protected]