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Buy, Rehab, Rent, Re-fi, Repeat

Our interview with BRRR Expert, Alex Felice. In this episode, we interview Alexander Scott Felice. Alex has built a portfolio of Single Family Residences using the BRRRR Strategy and has recently acquired

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Is IBC a Scam? A CPA’s Perspective on the Infinite Banking Concept

My name is Anthony Faso, and I’ve been a CPA for almost 20 years.  I would get at least one phone call or email from some financial planner trying to get referrals from me.  When I was

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Winning the Happiness Lottery

However, not all studies support the "more is better" theory. Perhaps at odds with other studies found that the wealthier people were the less likely they were to savor positive events. Perhaps people

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A Few Things You Need to Know about the Trump’s Tax Plan

There were drastic changes to the tax code.  Here are some high level changes that will affect most of my clients.  Soon, I will dive deeper into the changes. For example, food and entertainment

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We Found How Much Happiness Costs

"All I ask is the chance to prove that money can't make me happy."~ Spike MilliganAre people who make more money happier? What about people who save more? Can people be happy with very little? And how

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Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

When I was asked to talk to at a Homebuyers Seminar, I decided to share a few things, I wish I learned when I was younger. Here are my views on personal finance, your most valuable asset and how to start

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You Really Can Buy Happiness

Regardless of income, research has shown that those who spend in certain ways find greater levels of contentment. Apparently, to spend your way to happiness, you should follow these rules of thumb:1. Purchase

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The Questions Wall Street Hopes You’re Not Asking

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” -Tony Robbins Prosperity Economics urges people to take back control of their thinking as well as their money. This

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The Banker’s Secret: Life Insurance as an Investment?

“Many banks have more invested in life insurance policies than they do in bank premises, fixed assets and all other real estate assets combined.” -Denver Nowicz, Equity4ProfitDenver Nowicz was profoundly

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