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Virtual Open Office Hour: Concerns Regarding the Coronavirus Situation

Listen in on the Virtual Open Office Hour addressing client concerns regarding the Coronavirus situation. They address the five most common questions they been asked..

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10 Things you can do NOW to create opportunities BEFORE the next recession

Today we discuss 10 steps you can take to protect yourself from an upcoming recession. Some topics discussed include:

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The Next Recession….WHEN and WHY!!

In this episode, we interview American Economist, Robert “Bob” Murphy. Bob tells us WHEN and WHY to expect the next RECESSION TO HIT the US Economy

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Infinite Banking Think Tank

In this episode, we share a couple highlights from the IBC Think Tank.

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Looking into a Real Estate Crystal Ball for 2020

In this episode, Anthony and Cameron interview real estate expert, Zach Walkerlieb of The Walkerlieb Group & Coldwell Banker. 

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How (and When) to Expand Your Banking System

In this episode, Anthony and Cameron expand on Nelson Nash’s Becoming Your Own Banker book. Listen in as we outline our three rules for how and when to expand your banking system; also, we provide

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Changing your mindset from W-2 Employee to an Entrepreneur

In this episode, we welcome Darrel Evans, Co-Founder of Yokel Local and Host of the MindShift Podcast. We discuss ways people can shift their mindset from an employee to that of an entrepreneur. What is

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Dirt Rich: Creating Passive Income by Flipping Land

On today’s episode, we interview Mark Podolsky aka “The Land Geek.” Mark has completed in excess of 5,400 land transactions over the last 20 years. He shares with us how he got started, how he’s

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Confessions of a CPA

Our interview with Author and CPA Bryan Bloom Just like in our cars, there are some things we don’t see that others do. But if we just turn our head 20 degrees, we will see things we have never seen

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