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Downside of Insurance

Universal Life: The Inconvenient Truth about the “Other” Permanent Insurance

We advocate Whole Life Insurance with PUA (Paid-Up Addition) riders for some of our clients as a good place to store cash, as well as benefit from permanent life insurance. But what about Universal Life? Is that a good place to put your money? And if not, why not?

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Whole Life vs. Indexed Universal Life

Whole Life vs. Indexed Universal Life: What Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors Really Think

Have you ever wondered if a financial professional was selling you what is really best for you? In this post, we peel back the advice that agents and advisors give, not just to their clients, but to their colleagues about permanent life insurance, namely, whole life vs. universal life.

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The Power of Leveraging Your Assets

The Power of Leverage: Three Reasons to Use Assets as Collateral

Perhaps you wondered to yourself, “But why would I WANT to leverage my assets or use them as collateral? Don’t I want them to be “free and clear”? But is that how the wealthy of the world operate!? Consider the following…

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Can You Use Your Assets as Collateral?

The Leverage Test: Can You Use Your Assets as Collateral?

When you invest or store your dollars somewhere, it’s important to consider if – or on what terms – you can borrow them back should an urgent need for cash arise.  It’s common for people to find themselves in financial situations they didn’t anticipate.

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Is IBC a Scam? A CPA’s Perspective on the Infinite Banking Concept

My name is Anthony Faso, and I’ve been a CPA for almost 20 years.  I would get at least one phone call or email from some financial planner trying to get referrals from me.  When I was approached about the Infinite Banking Concept, I was intrigued.  This was a very different approach to saving for […]

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Winning the Happiness Lottery

However, not all studies support the “more is better” theory. Perhaps at odds with other studies found that the wealthier people were the less likely they were to savor positive events. Perhaps people with the financial ability to do or purchase almost anything they want are in danger of becoming numb to simple pleasures of life. In […]

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A Few Things You Need to Know about the Trump’s Tax Plan

There were drastic changes to the tax code.  Here are some high level changes that will affect most of my clients.  Soon, I will dive deeper into the changes. For example, food and entertainment might not be deductible and there is a 20% deduction for pass-through entities (S-corps).  I need to research these more before […]

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We Found How Much Happiness Costs

“All I ask is the chance to prove that money can’t make me happy.”~ Spike MilliganAre people who make more money happier? What about people who save more? Can people be happy with very little? And how do your spending habits impact our satisfaction? In this article, we’ll explore the relationship between wealth, income, and […]

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Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

When I was asked to talk to at a Homebuyers Seminar, I decided to share a few things, I wish I learned when I was younger. Here are my views on personal finance, your most valuable asset and how to start building wealth. Here is a video of my talk and below are the notes. Let […]

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You Really Can Buy Happiness

Regardless of income, research has shown that those who spend in certain ways find greater levels of contentment. Apparently, to spend your way to happiness, you should follow these rules of thumb:1. Purchase more experiences, less “stuff.” Research from Dr. Thomas Gilovich of Cornell University reveals that spenders experience more long-term happiness and satisfaction when […]

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The Questions Wall Street Hopes You’re Not Asking

“Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” -Tony Robbins   Prosperity Economics urges people to take back control of their thinking as well as their money. This leads us to the last big investor mistake in this series: Mistake #10: Ask the wrong questions.(Or… ask the questions that Wall Street wants you […]

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The Banker’s Secret: Life Insurance as an Investment?

“Many banks have more invested in life insurance policies than they do in bank premises, fixed assets and all other real estate assets combined.” -Denver Nowicz, Equity4Profit Denver Nowicz was profoundly affected by watching how his family fared from following the traditional advice of financial planning. In spite of savings, investments, and pensions, Denver’s parents and […]

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Live Your Life Insurance Book

Startling book reveals centuries-old wealth-building method. If you knew about a 200+ year-old method to building sustainable wealth, safely and reliably, would you use it? Most people gamble their financial futures using typical approaches; but as the stock market becomes more and more unpredictable, the danger of these strategies is becoming painfully obvious. A powerful alternative to building […]

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Busting the Retirement Lies: Living with Passion, Purpose and Abundance Throughout our Lives

Work ’til 65… Stop working. NOT!Is it possible that everything you have been told about retirement – and retirement planning – is WRONG?  Is retirement dead? Perhaps not yet, but it’s on life support. The concept of retirement, as we’ve known it, is becoming a thing of the past. With the major economic, social, cultural medical, technological, […]

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Investing Outside the Box: Alternative Investment Options

 Posted on  by Kim Butler and Anthony J. Faso CPA  “There are two times in a man’s life when he should not speculate: when he can’t afford it, and when he can.” ~Mark Twain. The word “investments” has become almost synonymous with stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, to the point that a “diversified portfolio” is a misleading term. […]

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